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About the artist

Creative soul who seeks peace and healing in nature

Art has always been a part of my life.

My craft evolved from a need to ease anxiety and to tap back into my artistic roots. I'm someone who has moved from place to place, such as California to Korea to Seattle. Currently settling in the hills of Central New York. Throughout all my journeys my passion for nature and art has come with me. Expressing myself in sketching or painting.

I developed my hand-painted jewelry through trial and error creating my own process. Each piece is uniquely hand-painted, one of the steps in my process that I get a lot of pleasure from. I use mixed media to complete my pieces such as using resin or clay. 

My goal is for my jewelry to speak to my buyers and give them endless days of joy and beauty. 

Local Showings


Monthly Events happening in Syracuse to celebrate the lunar cycles.


Local to Syracuse, NY a gathering of makers and artisans to bring the arts to you during the summer. 


Annual event for local Syracuse Artists in the Wescott neighborhood to share and sell their creatios.


Crafted Underground

Located at the McCarthy_Mercantile, a place for pop-up vendors to display their wares in a hand made supportive space. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 3.52.23 PM.png

Local healing community space with a little shop area for makers and crystal wares. 


Local shop in Albany, NY showcasing handmade local goods. Showcased pieces from 2019-2020.


Crystal shop in Guilderland, NY with an eclectic collection of crystals and other healing items. My jewelry has been in this shop since May 2020.


Showing my jewelry during special artist showcase events.

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